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Hospitals - Tays

Hospitals - Tays

Hospitals - Tays

Tampere University Hospital Tays provides expertise in nearly all medical specialties. We treat patients in wards and outpatient clinics in our four hospitals, as well as in local hospitals and home hospital services throughout Pirkanmaa. A referral is needed to receive hospital care. 

There are four hospitals in the Tays system. Most of the patients of the Tampere University Hospital are treated at the Tays Central Hospital in Tampere. 

In addition to Tays Central Hospital, Tays includes: 

  • Tays Hatanpää in Tampere 
  • Tays Valkeakoski in Valkeakoski 
  • Tays Sastamala in Sastamala 

We also provide local hospital services in the inpatient wards operating in conjunction with Pirkanmaa’s social and health care centres and bring our expertise to your home through our home hospital services.  

Tays is a university hospital 

Tays' missions as a university hospital also include scientific research and development. This helps us find ways to provide the most effective treatment possible and thus support health and well-being.  

Our hospitals are teaching and research hospitals. We offer diverse continuing education to professionals in various fields working in social welfare and healthcare. 

Get to know our services

You can get a referral from the physician treating your treatment from a health and social services clinic, a private medical clinic, or occupational health care. Patients who have an accident or a sudden severe illness can be treated in the emergency department without a referral. Read more about urgent care and emergency department.  

After the hospitals in the capital region, Tays is Finland's most popular maternity hospital.

Contact information for Tays Hospitals

Contact information for Tampere University Hospitals

Switchboard: +358 3 311 611

Street address: 
Elämänaukio 2
33520 Tampere

The new main entrance of Tays Central Hospital is located at Elämänaukio 2. Taxis and cars use the parking hall at Kuntokatu 2 when arriving to the main building. From the parking hall you can reach the main lobby by lift or along the moving walkway.

Tays First Aid Unit Acuta and facilities on Biokatu can be accessed via Teiskontie from the intersection of Kuntokatu.

Postal address
Tays Keskussairaala
PO BOX 2000
FI-33521 Tampere

Switchboard: 03 311 58000

Fax: 03 311 59910

Street address
Hatanpäänkatu 24
33900 Tampere

The hospital doors are open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. from Mondays to Fridays, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturdays, and from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sundays and holidays.

Postal address
Tays Hatanpää
PO BOX 2000
FI- 33521 Tampere

Switchboard: +358 3 311 614

Fax: +358 3 311 67433

Street address
Salonkatu 24
37600 Valkeakoski

Tays Valkeakoski Hospital is located in the city centre. Parking at Tays Valkeakoski is free of charge.

Postal address
Tays Valkeakoski
Salonkatu 24
FI-37600 Valkeakoski

Switchboard: +358 3 311 615

Street address
Itsenäisyydentie 2
38200 Sastamala

The hospital is located in the centre of Sastamala. All patients should check in and register in the main lobby of the hospital, with the self-registration machine close to the main entrance.

Postal address
Tays Sastamala Hospital
FI-38201 Sastamala

Pregnancy and childbirth lift up

A baby is smiling with the mother in the background.

Information for parents to be

The Tampere University Hospital is one of the most popular maternity hospitals in Finland.