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Finnish Clinical Biobank Tampere

Finnish Clinical Biobank Tampere

Finnish Clinical Biobank Tampere

Kuvassa on näytteitä erottelulaitteessa sekä hansikkaalla suojattu käsi, joka asettelee putkiloita paikoilleen.

FCBT collects and stores samples from patients and individuals within its own cooperation area. However, these samples can be utilized for healthcare research and development globally. In addition to hospital collections, FCBT has conducted targeted consent and sample collections focusing for e.g., oncology, neurology, gastroenterology, pediatrics, and maternity clinics. Biobank samples are stored in Tampere.

The biobank's operations are based on legislation, as defined in the Finnish Biobank Act. The biobank activities are supervised by the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea. 

Finnish biobanks form a national biobank network, in which FCBT is participating. The sample material collected through this network, combined with a wide range of sample donor’s health/clinical, genomic and Finnish registry data, has attracted international interest from researchers. The coordination of collaboration among public biobanks in Finland is overseen by the Finnish Biobank Cooperative - FINBB.

FCBT serves both academic researchers and R&D clients in medical and pharmaceutical companies. Biobanks are thus a key resource leading to more personalized health care, better diagnostics and effective treatments.

The Finnish biobank materials and studies performed, can be found from

Contact Information

Email addresses follow the format

Biobank Office Phone: +358 3 311 65205
Street Address: Arvo Ylpön katu 6, Tays Central Hospital, Finn-Medi 1, 1st floor
Mailing Address: Tampereen Biopankki, P.O. Box 272, 33101 Tampere

Our Experts 

Biobank Director Sanna Siltanen
Phone: +358 44 4722 657

Service Coordinator Enni Makkonen
Phone: +358 44 473 9462

  • Project coordination, feasibility and access requests, other biobank services, scientific steering group

Research Coordinator Niina Toikkanen
Phone: +358 44 472 8425

  • Fresh tissue collection, pathology-related projects, processing of histological samples. Coordination of research related to tissue samples and cancer research.

Information Systems Specialist Sami Niemelä
Phone: +358 44 472 9918

  • Information systems and related maintenance and development work for the Biobank.

Laboratory nurse Minttu Virolainen
Phone: +358 3 311 66026 or +358 44 472 8840

  • Laboratory activities of the Biobank

Research Secretary Pirjo Pääkkönen
Phone: +358 3 311 66757

  • Document and contract management, documentation, coordination, preparation of procurements and decisions.