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About the Wellbeing Services County of Pirkanmaa

About the Wellbeing Services County of Pirkanmaa

About the Wellbeing Services County of Pirkanmaa

The services provided by the social and healthcare services and rescue services of the municipalities of Pirkanmaa, along with the Hospital District, were transferred to the responsibility of the wellbeing services county as of 1 January 2023. Pirkanmaa now has only one organiser of these public services, the Wellbeing services county of Pirkanmaa. Pirkanmaa is the largest wellbeing services county with a population of about 500,000 inhabitants. 

The Wellbeing services county of Pirkanmaa covers the following 23 municipalities: Akaa, Hämeenkyrö, Ikaalinen, Juupajoki, Kangasala, Kihniö, Kuhmoinen, Lempäälä, Mänttä-Vilppula, Nokia, Orivesi, Parkano, Pirkkala, Punkalaidun, Pälkäne, Ruovesi, Sastamala, Tampere, Urjala, Valkeakoski, Vesilahti, Virrat, and Ylöjärvi. 

The wellbeing services county is a body governed by public law that is separate from both the municipalities and the state and enjoys autonomy in its area. The wellbeing services county is responsible for social welfare, health care, and rescue services. 

The wellbeing services county manages these tasks, among others: 

  • Primary health care 
  • Specialised medical care 
  • Emergency medical services 
  • Fire and rescue services 
  • Mental health and help with substance abuse problems
  • Social work 
  • Services for disabled people
  • Services for the elderly 

The Wellbeing services county of Pirkanmaa employs approximately 19,000 people in total, it is the largest employer in Pirkanmaa. 


The supreme decision-making power of the wellbeing services county is held by the County Council, whose members and deputy members have been elected from throughout the county in the regional elections. The County Council is made up of 79 regional councillors. 

County Council decisions are implemented by the County Executive – the Executive manages the operations, administration and finances of the wellbeing services county. 

Key contact information 

Telephone switchboard 03 311 611

Postal address
Wellbeing services county of Pirkanmaa

P.O. Box 272, 33101 Tampere 


tel. 03 3116 6665 

Key personnel 

County Chief Executive Officer Marina Erhola 
Director of Social and Health Care Services Taru Kuosmanen 
Integration Director Tuukka Salkoaho 
Director of Support Services Pekka Erola 
Director of Corporate Services Juhani Sand 

Service Sector Directors 

Outpatient services: Service Director Eeva Torppa-Saarinen 
Hospital services: Service Director Juha Kinnunen 
Services for children, adolescents, and families: Service Director Titta Pelttari 
Services for the elderly and disabled: Service Director Päivi Tryyki 
Rescue services: Chief Executive Officer of Rescue Services Mika Kontio