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Customer feedback

Customer feedback

Customer feedback

At the Wellbeing services county of Pirkanmaa we want to function so that our clients have a positive experience of our services and are able to participate in the development of our operations. 

When you give us feedback, we get important information on how we are succeeding and where there is room for improvement. 

You can provide feedback in many ways: 

  • Give your feedback to the employees of the unit where you or a relative has been in contact.   
  • Fill in the electronic feedback form:
  • Fill in the feedback form at one of our service points. 

In addition, you can respond to targeted queries. These include, for example, service experience questionnaires that are submitted to be filled in during or after treatment. You can also receive the service experience survey as a text message. 

At Tays (Tampere University) hospitals, a feedback questionnaire sent by text message is in use. To answer the questionnaire, press the link in the text message. The survey only works on smartphones. Answering is voluntary, and the survey will only be sent to our patients aged 18 or over and have consented to use the electronic service. 

All feedback is treated as confidential. The aim is to direct the feedback to the unit or service that it concerns.