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Customer fees

Customer fees

Customer fees

Fees for social and health care services may be charged to users. Some of the services are free of charge. Customer fees are charged for, among other things, the following health and social services:

  • health care appointments (e.g. medical services)
  • oral health care services
  • home care services
  • communal housing, 24-hour sheltered housing
  • hospital and institutional services
  • medical certificates

How do I pay the invoice?

You can pay the invoice either through the invoice received by post or, if you prefer, you can have it sent directly to your online bank. For e-invoices, you must make a direct payment agreement or an e-invoice receipt agreement with your online bank.

Do you have any questions about your invoice?

Each invoice sent includes contact information (email address and telephone number), by which you can ask about matters related to your invoice. You can also find an attachment to your invoice that instructs you on how to file a rectification claim and the kind of information and attachments you need for the purpose. The rectification claim should be submitted to the registry: Wellbeing Services County of Pirkanmaa, Registry, P.O. Box 272, 33101 Tampere.

Fee for unused services

A fee of EUR 56.70 is charged for unused and uncancelled services from persons aged 18 and older. The fee is charged if you have booked an appointment but have not arrived at the appointment or the unit concerned without cancelling the appointment in advance. No fee shall be charged if there is a valid reason for non-cancellation. The fee is also charged for services provided free of charge.

Client fees for outpatient health care

  • Outpatient care physician services: EUR 23 per visit (charged no more than three times per calendar year) 
  • Primary health care emergency reception on weekdays from 8 to 20: EUR 23 per visit
  • Emergency reception of primary health care at other times (i.e. weekdays 20-8, Saturdays, Sundays, holidays): EUR 31.60 per visit
  • An appointment with a registered nurse, nurse and midwife in primary health care is free of charge.

Client fees for oral health care

Dental care is chargeable for all persons aged 18 and over. A visit fee and fees for treatment measures are charged for each visit. You can get detailed pricing information from dental clinics. At the beginning of treatment, you can ask for an estimate of its cost.

Examples of fees for oral/dental examination and treatment:

  • Oral hygienist: EUR 11.30 per visit
  • Dentist: EUR 14.60 per visit
  • Dental specialist: EUR 21.50 per visit