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Health services

Health services

Health services

When you need help with health-related matters, contact your own health and social services clinic in the first instance. During the first contact, a health care professional will assess your condition and symptoms and, if necessary, refer you to the appropriate professional for further examinations and treatment. The phones of the health and social services clinics are available on weekdays Mon-Thu 8-16 and Fri 8-15.  

How can I get help with an urgent health issue? 

Do you need urgent treatment? See instructions and contact information on the Urgent care and the Emergency Department page

Was there an obstacle? Cancel your appointment 

If you cannot make it to the appointment you have made, remember to cancel your appointment. A fee may be charged for unused appointments. You can cancel your appointment by calling the counselling and appointments number for your health and social services centre. 

Dental care 

We take care of the oral and dental health of Pirkanmaa residents in dental clinics around Pirkanmaa. See more detailed instructions on the Oral health care page