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Counselling and guidance

Counselling and guidance

Counselling and guidance

Health counselling 

A nurse will give you care instructions over the phone and chat, assess your need for care and, if necessary, direct you to the correct place for care. In the first instance, contact your healthcare and social welfare clinic during its opening hours. When your own healthcare and social welfare clinic is closed and you need instructions on how to seek health services, call the Pirkanmaa Telephone health service at tel. 03 384 5000, or use the chat service. 

Social services counselling and service points 

Is something troubling you or a person close to you about life management? Are you going through a difficult phase where you need guidance to solve problems? Do you have pressing financial worries and don't know how to solve them? Social services workers can help you in a wide variety of life situations. Don’t hesitate – we're here for you!

Low-threshold services for families with children 

Leave a contact request! 
If you have a question about your own life or the support needs of a loved one, contact the Social Work for Families with Children service counsellors. You can reach them via the contact form: 

A Services for Families with Children employee will call you within 1–3 working days. 

Service counselling for families with children is a low-threshold form of guidance and counselling. Guidance helps best when you contact them at an early stage. The service counsellors provide advice and support in everyday matters and in situations of intimate partner and family violence, as well as in supporting children's development and well-being.

Are you worried about an adult or a child? 

Notification of concern for an adult 
Concerns about the well-being of either an adult or an elderly person may arise if a person is unable to get help or does not understand their need for assistance. Anyone can file a notification of concern. The notification of concern is intended for non-urgent situations. 

Child welfare notification – report your concern about a child or a young person 
You can file a child welfare notification when you are concerned about the well-being of your child or a child growing up nearby. The notification can be submitted by parents, relatives or neighbours. When a child welfare notification concerning a child comes to the attention of the social services, it is the responsibility of the social worker to investigate whether the child or family needs support from Child Welfare. 

You can file a child welfare notification using an electronic form. The forms are municipality-specific.