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Client's and patient's rights

Client's and patient's rights

Patient Ombudsman 

The Patient Ombudsman provides services to the customers of health care units. The Patient Ombudsman will assist you when you need advice and information about your rights as a patient.  

You can contact the Patient Ombudsman if, for example, you are dissatisfied with access to treatment or the care or service you have received. If necessary, the Patient Ombudsman will help you to clarify your problem at the place of treatment.  

It is not the task of a Patient Ombudsman to comment on a patient's diagnosis or treatment content. They will also not comment on whether there has been a medical injury or error in your treatment.  

You can contact the Patient Ombudsman by phone or email. 

Please note that email is not a secure gateway and therefore its use cannot be recommended for sending sensitive data. You can ask the Patient Ombudsman for general instructions and advice by email. You can communicate with the Patient Ombudsman in a secure manner by phone, letter and online service. 

Email addresses of Patient Ombudsmen 

By municipality of business 

Hospitals (specialised medical care) 

You can find the telephone numbers of the Patient Ombudsman on the Finnish-language website. Choose your municipality in the box with the title "Hae asuinkunnan mukaan".

Social Welfare Ombudsman

If you are dissatisfied with the service or treatment you have received in the social welfare unit or need advice on your rights as a client, you can discuss various ways of clarifying the situation with the Social Welfare Ombudsman. The Social Welfare Ombudsman is an impartial person who advises on how you as a client can act on behalf of your particular case. 

Contact the Social Welfare Ombudsman by phone, letter, email or online service. 

Email addresses of Social Welfare Ombudsmen by municipality of contact